Greynet workshop at KNVI congres

Tijdens het KNVI congres 2013 organiseert een workshop over grijze literatuur en de rechten voor gebruik. De workshop is geheel in het engels. Meer informatie vind je op onze speciale congreswebsite. (vanaf donderdag).

 Within grey literature resides a wide range of knowledge based resources often unexploited and underestimated. A clearer understanding of the rights associated with this field of information will enable stakeholders to better understand the relevance and value of grey literature. This workshop will further guide information professionals in their tasks of informing policy and practice in the workplace. The workshop is organized together with colleagues from Kent State University (USA), the University of Lille (France), EBSCO (Benelux), and GreyNet (Netherlands).  The workshop is geared to publishers, librarians, archivists, and other information professionals in government, academics, business and industry who are involved in the production and/or management of information resources not controlled by commercial publishing. Click here for more on the GreyForum Workshop